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Private Sessions:

For Private sessions, I offer Nude Yoga, Tantric Massage, Tantric instruction, or any combination of these. My recommendation is to start with 30 - 45 minutes of Yoga, then Tantric Massage with stretch.

The Tantric massage that I offer is unique in several ways. This massage is preferably done on mats, cushions or blankets on the floor. The area should be large enough to allow 2 adults to move about comfortably throughout the session. Both the giver and the receiver are usually nude. A variety of positions which allow a high level of body to body contact will be explored. Sexual arousal is expected and celebrated, and will naturally ebb and flow. The giver will use at least 4 different types of strokes that correspond to the 4 lower major chakras. This technique helps integrate the lower chakras with the heart chakra, the sexual energy with the heart’s desire to connect. Instead of rushing into a sexual act, such as a hand job, oral sex, or anal sex, we tease up the sexual energy and re-sensitize and awaken the entire body with a variety of techniques. There will be attention given to the perineum in various ways at various points during the massage. I will also draw upon practices from the Tao and Qi Gong for stimulating the energy in the testicles, the sinibar zone, and the lingam (penis). Over 10 types of strokes will be used on the lingam. This may result in orgasm(s) with or without ejaculation.

I currently charge $150 per hour. This can be easily pro-rated for sessions of any length. For example, $225 for 90 minutes (prices are subject to change).

  • My sessions typically last 90 minutes, and are customized according to the desires of the student

  • The yoga portion is a semi-vigorous Vinyasa flow

    • I start with a simple warm up

    • A Sun salutation or 2

    • Sequence one includes a variety of warrior poses, variations on extended side angle stretch, chair pose, vinyasa optional.

    • Sequence two includes high lunge, revolved, wide legged stretch, low lunge, lizzard pose, pyramid.

    • Sequence three includes tree, standing revolved hand to foot, extended hand to big toe, dancer's pose, warrior 3, triangle, half moon

    • Time and energy permitting, we then work on crow pose, shoulder stand, hand stand and/or any variety of more advanced poses.

    • (All of the poses throughout are customized with variations according to the student's abilities)

    • Cool down

  • Tantric partner stretching

  • Tantric thai style massage

  • Tantric genital massage

  • Rosebud massage (includes sacrum, thighs, hips, buttocks, perineum, etc. - ask for details)

  • Prostate massage may be offered depending on time constraints and other factors

All parts are optional, consent based at each transition, and will be paced according to the time allotted.

What is Tantra:

Tantra is a way to connect erotically, energetically, and emotionally. It respects boundaries and invites a freedom of self expression that is beautifully different from what we are accustomed to.

My Mission:

My mission is to provide a space for men seeking ways to express their authentic selves, find acceptance for their sexual desires, and liberate their inner sex god. This space will be judgement free, fun, and filled with love. It will allow men to connect through touch and self-expression, build trust and bond with other men. They will honor their own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Through this practice they will discover the potential to have a profound spiritual experience which integrates their erotic energies with their body, mind, and spirit.

If you are interested in my workshops sponsored by Tantra4gaymen.com please join their social network and/or join the NYC Meetup group at https://www.meetup.com/Tantra-for-Gay-Men-New-York. Also note that these workshops are intended to be a gentle, in-depth exploration of many Tantric topics and will rarely result in ejaculatory experiences but can be very ecstatic and blissful.

Holding Space:

In all of my classes, workshops, and private sessions, I envision a space where every man feels that he is able to express his full erotic energy without shame and without judgment. They will freely give and receive with an open heart while setting boundaries with love and respect. They will be open to the possibilities of saying yes; and will say no with love when they need to. This space will be filled with brothers who wish to share the gift of erotic pleasure with one another, allowing communication, laughter, joy and connection.