Explore Tantra

Tantric Yoga (1 - 2 hours), includes:

  • Breathing into the Chakras guided by partner’s hand
  • Partnering sequences
  • Exploring poses that support sexual energy, such as bridge pose, bow pose, and camel pose
  • Building trust in poses such as stacked down dog, stacked plank, and stacked child's poses
  • Stretching and massage with partners
  • Savasana (Corpse Pose) with hand on partner's Sacral Chakra

Tantric Massage (2 - 3 hours) includes:

  • Partnered stretch and massage (my fav is stretching and massage in Child’s Pose)
  • Floor based full body massage
  • 4 massage strokes for 4 chakras
  • Massage of the Dragon Pearls
  • 7 Lingam Massage techniques
  • Work on the perineum