Explore Tantra

Tantric Yoga (1 - 2 hours) includes:

Many of us who have some yoga experience, have practiced some partnering and basic yoga for couples. In this session, participants will learn a sequence that brings the couples closer together on many levels. You will bond and build trust and find beautiful ways to explore touch that is deeper, more sensual, and very intimate. You will have the opportunity to change partners at different points in the sequence. Poses will include top to bottom Chakra contact, back to back warriors, stacked down dog, and sensual partner stretches.

Tantric Massage (2 hours) includes:

Thai Massage is a very popular floor-based massage technique that has the practitioner and the recipient moving through many positions that may sometimes resemble yoga poses (asanas). In this session, we will learn a variety of positions that allow for massaging, touching, and stimulating multiple points at once. Some of these positions will involve the use of various body parts, such as the feet, elbows, forearms, knees, and hands to transmit your healing energies. 

One of the key distinctions of this practice is that rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. In this class there will be some instances where we will incorporate effleurage, scratching, and feather touch. Being steady on your feet is a plus and having some previous experience giving massage or doing yoga is very helpful, but not required. You are encouraged to be naked to enhance the Tantric experience, but may choose to wear boxers or briefs or socks to cover the feet or use a small towel for hygienic purposes. There will be frequent contact with the perineum and lower Chakras.