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For private sessions, contact Edd

Email:  or  Text: 347-947-1378


As with all classes/workshops, we strive to create a comfortable space for all to learn and connect in a safe manner. We ask that you listen to your teacher for instructions at all times. Please be respectful of others. Arrive freshly showered and groomed. If you do not adhere to these policies and that of the instructor you can be asked to leave and possibly be banned from future events. 

For all workshops/classes as well as movement based classes, you acknowledge the possible risk of injury and do not hold Chakra Studios, Edward Ramos, or our affiliates liable in the event injury may occur. We will do our best to instruct in a safe manner at all times.

I will teach basic yoga, explain what to do if it gets strenuous and announce yogi's choice for anyone who wants to go "deeper" as we progress. You'll love it

For anyone worried about erections...Great question. Please know, it's happened many times. It's perfectly natural. The class will continue. And the erection will probably subside. Some say just ignore it...but the truth is that it always makes me smile inside. I think men doing yoga is healthy AND sexy

For classes at 51 W 14th Street, I would suggest a towel and bottled water. We have mats for free available but you can bring your own if you want to.